Songs of the Earth

So I read an interesting blog post by Elspeth Cooper, a guest post for Bookworm Blues.  On disability in Fantasy.  In her book Songs of the Earth there is a fab lady called Ayesha.  She is a moody, headstrong, needy, older woman (when I say older I don’t mean middle-aged, just not a sparkly 21-year-old) who is a cripple.  She cannot walk without sticks and her legs are weak and wasted.  But she can transform into any animal, she loves the freedom of soaring in to the air or racing over wooded hillsides.  She has to be one of the most faceted characters I have read in a long time. We all know how rubbish females are in most Fantasy Books! This lady is very unusual we also have another Lady, more soft, healer type who turns out to be somebody special 🙂 I’m hoping for a bit of romance between her and Gair in a future book.  He really deserves it! I am looking forward to the next book!

How amazing it must be, morphing into any animal!  One thing I would  have liked to read more about is the veil, and what it IS? The ending is very open for a next book so hoping we get to find out more. I am NOT good at writing reviews…I just know what I like and I liked this 🙂


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